Psalm 27, 22 Jan 2017

This psalm offers encouragement in difficult times, weaving together two contrasting but commanding threads. First is the imagery of light, beauty and goodness. Calling to mind references to the 'light of the world' (John 8:12) and 'light upon my path' (Psalm 119:105), it is a theme found in many psalms. Many readers will be familiar with the opening verse: "God is my light and … Continue reading Psalm 27, 22 Jan 2017

Psalms 89 or 23 … or maybe 139, 19Jul15

The Vanderbilt Divinity Library tells us: During the Season after Pentecost, the Revised Common Lectionary offers two sets of parallel readings: The first set of "semicontinuous" OT readings follows major stories/themes, beginning in Year A with Genesis and ending in Year C with the later prophets. "Complementary" OT readings follow the historical tradition of thematically pairing … Continue reading Psalms 89 or 23 … or maybe 139, 19Jul15

Psalm 72, 4 Jan 2015

Here we are in 2015! The beginning of the calendar year and, in the already-established church year, the end of Christmas and nearly Epiphany. The lectionary leads us to Psalm 147 on the second Sunday after Christmas, and Psalm 72 for Epiphany (6 January). We concentrate on the latter this week, though it must be said that … Continue reading Psalm 72, 4 Jan 2015

Taizé, 6 Oct 13

The service on Sunday 6 October will be after the meditative Taizé tradition. The ecumenical Taizé community is in a village in France, not far from the ancient abbey of Cluny. Here, it's not only the bells at the entrance to grounds that interrupt the meditative silence. Despite the placards inviting arriving worshippers to leave their chatter … Continue reading Taizé, 6 Oct 13