Taizé, 6 Oct 13

The service on Sunday 6 October will be after the meditative Taizé tradition.
Entering Taizé

The ecumenical Taizé community is in a village in France, not far from the ancient abbey of Cluny.

Bell tower at Taizé

Here, it’s not only the bells at the entrance to grounds that interrupt the meditative silence. Despite the placards inviting arriving worshippers to leave their chatter behind, it’s quite a challenge for many of the lively teens and YAs who come by busload to experience the life of the community and its ambience.

South Woden members will be familiar with many Taizé songs, some from TiS and from other sources including Taizé services conducted in other places in Canberra over the years.

On the Taizé web site you will find a good range of resources, background, ideas, music, MP3 listening files and  stories .

Entering Taizé village

The ‘Learning the songs’ pages (alphabetical) are very useful – the main problem is choosing from so many lovely pieces. And yes, there’s a Taizé app.

Songs may be accompanied quietly by instruments such as a guitar or flute, but the human voice alone is a beautiful instrument.  The harmonised three- or four-part settings are very effective a cappella.

The wind bloweth where it listeth

An apology: your normally devoted author and cantor offers regrets and will be sorry to miss this lovely occasion.

I shall be enjoying a meditative experience of a different kind.

2 thoughts on “Taizé, 6 Oct 13

  1. We’ll miss you. We look forwards to your “cantoring” each week. We’ll battle on without you. Enjoy your other activity. X Dalma

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