Join us

Are you a singer who is fresh out of a group and living in or handy to the Woden Valley in Canberra, ACT?

Join us (once the wave of COVID-19 has passed) and share your musical talents with us each week or whenever you can. We are a progressive and inclusive bunch of people with interests in social justice and equity, both strong messages of the psalms. And singing, of course!

Our small singing group has no rules, much fun and sings all sorts of stuff. But you might be best suited to our merry band if you:

  • live nearby and are itching to sing some good music
  • enjoy a variety of musical styles
  • read and sing music to a reasonable level; or
  • can learn and hold an accurate voice part from an MP3 or MuseScore file
  • can attend Woden Valley Uniting Church worship on Sunday mornings (at Pearce community hall or Curtin) reasonably often or even from time to time.
  • can rehearse for up to an hour or so before each Sunday attendance.
  • can get along with, if not adhere to, the broad tenets of the Christian faith and traditions.