Subtitle index

A list of the subtitles given to the main pages which summarise each psalm.


No single title can capture the breadth and depth of each song. So these titles may be catchy but are somewhat arbitrary and in no way represent the only theme or idea in the psalm.

These songs delightfully range across many topics, weaving poetic imagery, history, culture and aspect of human life alone and in society. They speak at different times and to different readers with different voices and different messages on each reading.

Stories of old; even better when sung. An old antiphonal in the cathedral library at Esztergom.

A little help from friends141
A time for equity75
Abundant goodness65
Acts of justice9
All people that on earth do dwell100
All together now148
An owl in the wilderness102
Answer the call4
Apple of the eye17
Appoint love and faith61
As the deer pants42
Authorities who care138
Awake lute and harp57
Awake to music108
Be still and know46
Blessed are the poor41
By the book119
Care for strangers146
Consider love107
Contented child131
Death of God, The53
Decree justice7
Deliver us from evil140
Emerging from a cave142
Enduring love117
Escaping a snare124
Establish equity99
Eternal love136
Familial harmony133
Family values128
Fight evil, celebrate love59
Find a holy place132
Follow justice94
Foundational justice89
Freedom, tremble114
Fresh springs87
Fruit in old age92
Gates to right living118
God loves justice37
Good guidance19
Goodness and mercy23
Govern with equity82
Great house for the kids127
Gross omission, a144
Handle with care79
Heal the wonded147
Heritage and equity16
Honey from the rock81
Hope in sorrow38
How can I repay?116
How long?13
Human condition, the129
Jam session150
Judge with equity58
Judging with equity67
Just rejoice64
Just rulers21
Just shall see God, the11
Just ways, loving deeds145
Justice 1.01101
Justice and Earth85
Justice and equity98
Justice and nations2
Justice as compassion135
Justice begins at home1
Justice blues, the14
Justice for guidance25
Justice for the environment74
Justice for the oppressed103
Justice in rulers72
Justice is the password15
Justice like the deep36
Justice of the needy35
Justice, not contempt123
Lament into dancing30
Last penitential, the143
Lead into a strong city60
Learn wisdom, truth, equity111
Lessons from history105
Lessons in grace106
Lift eyes to the hills121
Lift the needy113
Lift up your heads24
Light and refuge27
Light and truth43
Light for the upright97
Lighten the load55
Love justice33
Manage affairs justly112
Message from our sponsor47
Mouths of babes8
Music for reflection134
My hiding place32
My soul thirsts63
No guns44
Old, old stories, the78
On the side of peace120
Out of the depths130
Peace in our time76
Peaks and troughs77
Pilgrimage to peace122
Pleased to help70
Pleasure in people149
Popular penitential51
Price of injustice5
Proclaim goodness40
Provide for the needy68
Refuge when besieged31
Rewards of justice18
Rich and poor together49
Right and truth96
Righteous rule110
Sacrifice of thanksgiving, the50
Seek peace34
Shield, a3
Shine on us80
Sing the psalms95
Singing in strange times137
Song of Moses90
Sow tears, reap joy126
Speaking out83
Stand upright – unarmed20
Straight, no chaser88
Strong shepherd, the28
Surrounding love125
Sustainable creation104
Sustaining life54
They may curse, you will bless109
Trust and truth86
Trust in love52
Voice of justice, the29
Wait in silence62
Walk in light56
Walk with integrity84
Your judgements our guide48