As announced in my 500th blog post, after ten years of writings on the music of the psalms, weekly comments on the coming Lectionary psalm selection have given way to a more static compendium of selective thoughts on the music of the psalms.

To read about a particular psalm, here are your two easiest options:

  1. Go to the Index page and select a number
  2. Use the search function in the sidebar at right.
An antiphon preceding the beginning of Psalm 7 in the Howard Psalter. British Library MS

Thank you for visiting or following Psalms in the South, a blog about the music of the psalms. Those ancient Hebrew poems have long been accepted, sung and loved in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They are widely used as texts for secular music.

The artistic combination of text and music somehow makes both elements more magical and meaningful, the inspiring whole being so much more than the sum of the parts, where persistent themes of justice, equity and love ring out.

The psalmists urge individuals and, perhaps more importantly, rulers and governments captured by the pursuit of power, to adopt policies of equity and justice (see Psalm 99:4 for example) that follow the divine ethical standards laid out in Biblical precepts — ‘God’s law’ celebrated in Psalm 119 and many others.

Quiet waters

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