Sacred music, BnFThis website and blog are a private initiative to assist communications amongst those interested in singing the psalms and other musical offerings.

It is administered by the primary author and webmaster, ‘the Cantor’ —  musician, singer and coordinator of the psalm singing team. The author has sung with classical a cappella chorales and ;quartets. He played piano, bass or flute with jazz and tango bands, and accompanies a community choir in Canberra.

This site provides some current information on musical offerings, particularly the psalm or psalms set down in the Revised Common Lectionary. You will generally find here:

  • Selected music for the coming week’s psalm, usually following the lectionary
  • Music for the chosen antiphon (response) or cantor’s verses
  • Occasional explanations or remarks on the psalm or music
  • Other resources and useful links

Sometimes it will focus on music to be sung around town in Canberra and more particularly in Woden Valley Uniting Church usually meeting on Sundays at 9:30 at the Community Centre in Pearce or St James hall Curtin, in suburbs of Canberra, Australia. See the index for any psalm of interest.

The purpose is limited to providing advance information on the psalm of the day and some of the many musical settings available. You may find a little introductory or historical background: no claim whatever is made that these musings can be taken as expert theological commentary or academic analysis.

This is not an official site of the Uniting Church of Australia or any other organisation and all opinions and material expressed, if not quotes, are those of the author. No special expertise is claimed in the intricacies of the scriptures, theology or interpretation. Keep in mind this is a public site. Anyone can follow. Exercise normal internet prudence. Comments may be moderated.

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Carve a beautiful life with music

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These pages show a Creative Commons icon and declaration. The author has attempted to observe all copyright conventions, including acknowledgement, and has not knowingly used material to which access has not been granted. Please advise any apparent contraventions.

First image this page: from 6-part music in Recueil de plusieurs messes, Psaumes, motets, Te Deum & c.a. MS dated 1630-1682, Bibliotèque Nationale de France.

All other images on this site, if not acknowledged, are owned by the webmaster.

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