Psalm 29, 12 Jan 14

The voice of God shakes the wilderness … and strips the forest

The voice of God is a constant and powerful theme in this psalm

– thundering over the mighty waters, shaking the wilderness, breaking cedars or flashing forth in flames.

Fire and water

The psalmist assures us that through all the elemental turbulence of life, God reigns supreme. In God’s house, all sing ‘Glory’ and pray for strength.

The psalm concludes with a prayer for peace, which we repeat in this week’s antiphon, a familiar and beautifully harmonised Taizé chant;

Dona nobis pacem cordium – give to us peace in our hearts.

You can LISTEN to the tune, separate voice parts or together, on the Taizé site here >

For our annual summer holidays combined gathering, we welcome to Pearce members of Curtin and Yarralumla churches.

However, it’s business as usual. We continue to follow the ancient tradition of antiphonal singing, assured that this is a well-liked and edifying approach to the psalms for most groups regardless of their preferred liturgical style at home.

The text of this psalm seems to fall into place easily using the same chords and basic tune of Jacques Berthier’s nice little antiphon. This we shall do. ( text here > ) Psalm team, meet at 9:15 as usual.

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