Psalm 43

Note. Psalm 43 was almost ignored when it came up last time (June 2016) since the Lectionary adds it to Psalm 42 as a combined reading -- and there is a good reason for that. It appears in its own right, but only as the alternative reading,¬†late in Year A, 5 Nov 2017. This interim … Continue reading Psalm 43

Psalm 69

Sometimes themes and¬†verses are repeated so often in the¬†psalms that it's hard to find new inspiration. In Psalm 69, we hear again the laments and prayers of someone who feels enmity,¬†opposition, slander and loneliness, the while giving thanks for merciful love and safety in divine provision. Fresh, however, is imagery of sinking¬†in swirling waters --¬†'up … Continue reading Psalm 69

Psalm 38

The third of the seven Penitentials, this psalm is glass half empty¬†-- no, make that a quarter --¬†through to verse 14. The opening verses mirror those of the first Penitential¬†Psalm, 6. The singer regrets failure, inadequacy, illness and a thorough-going weariness. Then comes the half full, and an urgent request for comfort: For in you … Continue reading Psalm 38