400th: Psalm 13, 28 June ’20

This is the 400th post in Psalms in the South. Thanks to all readers and contributors over the last seven years. For comments or ideas for the future, please use the Comments field at the foot of the page (after the survey form).

I will sing to God for dealing with me richly (Ps. 13:6)

How long? The short lament in Psalm 13 follows the classic pattern, opening with frustrated or impatient cry, a situation familiar during these weeks of isolation. How long must we wait for relief, for answers, for news, for a hug? (See also Psalms of Patience.)

The short poem of just six verses moves quickly to petition, then finally to a declaration of trust and praise.


Psalms for All Seasons has a couple of good refrains. 13B and 13D are versions of a song without responsive refrain. However, 13E uses O Lord hear my prayer from Taizé with verses to be sung to a tone. The quote is actually from Ps. 102 but fits perfectly.

The refrain in The Emergent Psalter is an interesting even chant that sustains a patient ‘waiting’ pulse. It’s in a surprising 5/4 rhythm.

Previous posts have pointed the reader to a version by Canadian singer-songwriter Steve Bell. Just because you might be in a blue COVID funk does not exclude the possibility of an up-beat swing.

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