Crystal Ball, July ’20

  • Recorded and online ministry continues, thanks to the dedication and inspiration of ministers, members and more remote resources.

5 July ’20. Psalm 45:10-17 or Song of Solomon 2:8-13. The voices in the Old Testament readings this Sunday are female, a welcome change in a literary collection that reflects the male domination of its era. [No setting in TiS. Six years ago one of our young couples sang a duet by Laura Farnell, Arise my Love.]

Benjamin Bagby recites and improvises on Beowulf, Canberra International Music Festival 2018. Image
  • Either song may be presented in lyrical, narrative form, to a selected tune. A story-teller can improvise a non-metrical text to a few selected chords. Or she could use a short tone or free singing.
  • If not comfortable with this, then Take O take me as I am, the alternate refrain in PFAS 45B, is fine.

12 July ’20. Psalm 119:105-112. Together in Song 75 covers most of the verses. PFAS 119A and others are also suitable. 119K has the set verses.

19 July ’20. Psalm 139:1-12, 23-24. Michael Card’s Search me and know me, without Bruce’s fine tenor, will never be the same. Still it’s a good option, especially with a refrain inserted:

Refrain for Search me and know me by M Card

We have song-sheets for other versions including one from New Century and a home-grown refrain with an easy metric paraphrase.

26 July ’20. Psalm 105:1-11, 45b or Psalm 128. Sections of this song arise three times over the next six weeks. Collectively they cover the first 26 verses. (The rest of the poem expands on the history of the Israelites’ journey.)

  • TiS 66 is suitable for a volunteer cantor with some sight-reading familiarity.
  • Another economical option is to record one song, such as New Century‘s Ps 105, for all three arisings. It might include the first six verses (common to all three readings) plus selected key verses from the other sections, starting with 7-11 this week.

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