Crystal Ball, Jun-Aug ’19

30 Jun:  PFAS 77C looks fun for a winter’s day.

7 Jul: Psalm 30, A Slavonian Orthodox theme infuses this week’s deliberations. Accordingly, the male voices will present a taste of Psalm 103, Blagoslovi, Bless the Lord, from the Rachmaninoff All night vigil

14 Jul: PFAS 82B, social justice to the fore; the refrain goes:

“God hears the cry of the poor, blessed be our God.”

21 Jul: PFAS 52B — I am like a green olive tree (v.8)

28 Jul: The Betty Pulkingham tune at Together in Song 45 would suffice; or PFAS 85B, another Taizé refrain (Dona nobis pacem, not the one in our book TiS which could also be used) and nice song (best for a sight-reader). See an earlier post on Psalm 85 for the SW home-grown song.

4 Aug 19, Ps. 107:1-9, 43. A nice three-part refrain by Everett in TEP. Readily available as PFAS 107C.

11 Aug 19. Ps. 50. PFAS 50B using the alternate refrain p.319, Let the giving of thanks; or 50C with verses to a Wild Goose song.

18 Aug 19. Ps. 80:1-2, 8-19. PFAS 80A is recommended, perhaps a tone lower in C minor. We have set the paraphrased and scanned verses to the same tune as the refrain, rather than the more sedate chant of the suggested tone.

25 Aug. Ps 71:1-6.  Men resume their Volga Boatmen personae to present this in Orthodox style, a chant borrowed from a Slavonian Beatitudes. Previously sung in Year C, 2013 and 2016, and ripe for dusting off after our recent tasting of those delicious Orthodox harmonies. Your cantor and psalm leader escapes overseas at this point to visit family members living far away. Volunteers will be needed to arrange and lead the psalm of the week, which is truly a great delight.

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