Psalm 119 continued, 23 Feb 14


We thank the carers’ group for leading this worship on 23 February.

The carers work diligently behind the scenes to keep in touch with all our members, to respond to their needs or just to be there in times of stress. We are thankful for their dedication and faithfulness.

The psalm

This week we continue to read Psalm 119, this time the fifth section of 8 verses starting with v. 33. The section last week was marked and started with the first Hebrew letter א (Aleph); this week it is the fifth ה or He (pronounced ‘hey’), often associated with the breath or creativity of God.

The song continues the theme of inviting us to walk in God’s ways. Last week we noted that PFAS says:

The psalm focuses on the decrees, laws, commands, and promises of God.

Pathways of lifeIt depicts life as a walk or journey down a path … it challenges us to treasure and take delight … and it gives us hope.

The psalmist seems to be going further to say that the more we absorb the culture and concepts behind the commandments, the more we will gain ‘understanding’:

Teach me the way of your statutes; give me understanding

This theme is reinforced and extended in the other songs chosen by the Carers this week, such as in the refrain of TiS 630:

The law of Christ can make us free / for love is the fulfilling of the law.

The antiphon

We return to Isaac Everett’s tune for Psalm 119 with different words:

Elevate my understanding ever in my heart keep watch / find my strength in your commandments for your truth is all I’ve sought.

Carers in a bygone era

Those present last Sunday will recognise this easy modal tune and harmony changes. The male voice group leads in bringing a more meditative and calm presentation of this response to fit the theme this week.

Background to psalm, music and listening files were made available on last week’s post >

We look forward to the insights brought to us by our CARERS to this week.

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