Psalm 147, 8 Feb 15

This psalm of praise calls us to be happy in the creation and this evidence of divine caring. Sure enough, we are to pull out our lyres again in order to sing those praises (v.7). Bring yours on Sunday. Recalling the Hospitals Chaplain's words last week, almost in continuity the Psalm reminds us: God heals the brokenhearted, and binds up … Continue reading Psalm 147, 8 Feb 15

Psalm 17, 3 Aug 14

Psalm 17 (click here for the text) this week looks like a continuation of recent lectionary readings. David, for it is attributed to him, asks for purity and protection. Having heard recently from Psalm 119:105 about the lamp to the feet and the light for the path, David runs up a variation on the theme : My footsteps hold fast … Continue reading Psalm 17, 3 Aug 14