Crystal Ball, May 2016

The plan for the coming month looks roughly like this -- a first cut, and anything can happen according to leaders' inspirations, the Cantor's whim and happenstance. 1 May. Psalm 67 is quite like the Aaronic blessing, suggesting lots of atmospherics. There's a famous canon by Tallis, but it needs preparation. If our visiting leader wishes, we could sing The emergent psalter (May God … Continue reading Crystal Ball, May 2016

Psalm 62, 25 Jan 15 (2)

An earlier preliminary post on this psalm, since refined, featured the Wode Partbooks (pronounced 'wood')  in the British Library. Tempting, but this Sunday being close to Australia Day we shall not sing from its ancient treasures. The Psalm Turning initially to the text, the first verse we read or hear (this reading being verses 5-12) is one that caught our … Continue reading Psalm 62, 25 Jan 15 (2)