Update on style

For those interested, this is to advise there is some new material on the Styles pageclick here> or at left.

Psalms Yr C_html_mfdc521d

1. It now includes a review of the pattern of activity in Year C, December 2012 to November 2013, based on about 40 weeks of singing the psalms (your cantor was away for a while swanning around in Europe and seeing beloved relatives in those parts)

Why draw this to your attention? Purely to elicit any comments on how you would like the balance – more of this style, less of that, something new? Let me know. I can put a poll up on the page if there is enough interest. (No comment = steady as she goes.)

2. We are pretty used to hearing from John Bell – but have you heard of Canadian Steve Bell? Do scroll right down on the Styles page to listen to something different.

3. Thanks to Trish for her unfailing enthusiasm and support; and blessings for a quick recovery.

One thought on “Update on style

  1. Liked the Steve Bell. But am happy with Steady as she Goes as well. See you Sunday. X Dal

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