Vespers, 26 Aug 17

Vespers psalm settings by Victoria, Lassus and Rachmaninov have been mentioned several times on this blog - see for example Psalms 103, 104, 112, 116 and 127. Canberra area readers will be interested in an opportunity to hear some of the wonderful Rachmaninov All-Night Vigil ('Vespers') this Saturday. Extracts from the Vespers will be performed in the extraordinary … Continue reading Vespers, 26 Aug 17

The crystal ball

Christmas and New Year celebrations seem ancient history already! Thanks to Dal, Jo, Bette and Brian for Psalm 112, Light rises in darkness last Sunday. The week before, we sang a blessing (in lovely harmony of course) upon our young people as they launch forth upon a new academic year. Relishing those aural memories and a … Continue reading The crystal ball

Modernised chant

In a previous post I noted that this week we use a John Bell tune to sing Canticle 9 from Isaiah with the children. (The canticles sometimes replace or appear with the psalm set in the lectionary.) Anyone at all is welcome to join us to help us lead the 'Hallelujah for evermore' response. This … Continue reading Modernised chant

Taizé, 6 Oct 13

The service on Sunday 6 October will be after the meditative Taizé tradition. The ecumenical Taizé community is in a village in France, not far from the ancient abbey of Cluny. Here, it's not only the bells at the entrance to grounds that interrupt the meditative silence. Despite the placards inviting arriving worshippers to leave their chatter … Continue reading Taizé, 6 Oct 13