Psalm 15, 2 Feb 14


Psalm 15 is short and direct. It asks the question:

Who may dwell in the presence of the divine? Who can abide on your holy hill?

No problem:

  • live a blameless life
  • speak the truth
  • don’t cast discredit on others
  • do no evil … and so on

Sets the bar pretty high, you will agree. But it’s a psalm of accession or entrance, inspiring and calling us to higher ways.

The antiphons suggested in our usual sources tend to emphasise the question (who may abide…?). Convenience, perhaps, given the verses that follow? After all, do you really want to sing ‘Don’t lend money for interest’ or ‘take no bribes’ (v.5) over and over, however reverently?


So – as forecast in the previous post, we turn to Psalms for all Seasons where we find a fantastic fresh approach. It seems to say: don’t give me a behavioural healthy shopping list, just sing:

I’m gonna live so God can use me, anywhere, anytime.

Much more freedom, much more challenge, much more positive and active message. A touch of faith not works. And, to add a real spark, it’s set to an African-American tune. A male voice group leads the psalm song. Be there.

Children and young people are welcome to join in, as the gathering will be giving them a blessing during this communion service to send them with our love into the new academic year.

Coming up

Subject to the worship leader’s choices, here’s a plan for later in February:

  • 9 Feb: some of our women lead Psalm 112, No 69 from Together in Song
  • 16 and 23 Feb, successive sections of Psalm 119: a male voice group leads in an Isaac Everett antiphon, music available on Church Publishing (go to Downloads).

Remember that you may find my suggestions in the Psalm Selection Plan in the SWUC Music folder on Dropbox – ask for sharing or access if you do not already have it.

3 thoughts on “Psalm 15, 2 Feb 14

  1. Thanks, gentlemen, for a fine gospel sound today, complete with traditional harmony, rhythm and expression. Special thanks to the two cantors of the day, Lin and Brian – great singing all round. Next event for this group is 23 Feb.

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