Psalm 69

Sometimes themes and verses are repeated so often in the psalms that it's hard to find new inspiration. In Psalm 69, we hear again the laments and prayers of someone who feels enmity, opposition, slander and loneliness, the while giving thanks for merciful love and safety in divine provision. Fresh, however, is imagery of sinking in swirling waters -- 'up … Continue reading Psalm 69

Psalm 115

Psalm 115 is a song of praise to divine love and faithfulness (v.1), a source of security (9-11) and blessings.  Other psalms suggest 'Our nation is better than your nation', with a sense of preference for a chosen people. Here is refreshing humility, whether applied at national or personal level. And as we were reminded at … Continue reading Psalm 115

Psalm 45

Psalm 45 is the closest we get to a love song in the Psalter. The poem is by the sons of Korah addressed first to the king, probably Solomon, then in a second voice to the bride. (v. 10) Hebrews 1 quotes verse 6 (and a clutch of other psalms) in relation to Jesus. Being more in … Continue reading Psalm 45

Psalm 117

Psalm 117 is a surprise on several counts. Short and sweet First, as the shortest psalm in the bible, it consists of but two verses -- and just two songs later the longest psalm 119 sports 176 verses! These two verses are nevertheless important ones, presenting statements of the universality of all peoples or nations, and … Continue reading Psalm 117

Psalm 35

Psalm 35 has been omitted from the lectionary, probably as a 'special interest' poem -- in this case for those who have been slandered or victim of deceit and such injustices. Hopefully most readers will not suffer such pain too often and may not identify with the psalmist and the song; but it does happen. … Continue reading Psalm 35

Psalms 33 and 50

Giving due precedence to the set psalm, the title above should read 'Psalms 50 and 33'. However, you can read about 50 in a blog in February 2015. This post looks more at 33 which has not been covered previously. This is a song of praise, one of the few in the first two books of the psalter. It … Continue reading Psalms 33 and 50