Psalm 22, 14 Oct ’18

For a hand-wringing poem, Psalm 22 receives an unusually good run in the three-year Lectionary, appearing seven times (as against 6 for the old favourite Psalm 23, the very next psalm which promises a ray of sunshine after the darkness of 22). To be fair, sometimes we sample different sections of the 31 verses.

The connections in verse 1 with Jesus’ words on the cross ensure its place in readings during Holy Week. As to the rest of this reading, much has already been said in half-a-dozen earlier posts. Try these non-Good-Friday ones:


If you just want the bottom line:

The first option is TiS 9, requiring a reasonably experienced cantor.

The chant in PFAS 22D similarly dwells on the feeling of being forsaken, and placement in the development and context of a worship session is significant. However, the alternate refrain in PFAS 22D is more affirming: “All the ends of the earth shall remember…” Verses to a tone. . (Verse tone in this mp3 follows refrain with no pause.) Song-sheet here: PFAS22D:

The much easier TiS 727 might be preferred. Being based on verses 3 and 25, it obviously does not cover the full lectionary text 1 to 15.

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