Psalm 22, 29 April 18

Although this song is clearly an extended individual lament — we are not sure under what particular trials and tribulations — the Lectionary reading this week presents the resolution section, expressions of thanks, trust and praise for deliverance. David is so encouraged that he declares praise in the presence of the faithful in great assembly, perhaps worshipping in the temple. (v. 25. For several earlier commentaries, see index>)


It’s this declaration ‘In the presence of the people’ that encourages the use of Together in Song 727, a powerful Hebrew song under that title. The whole song can be sung as the psalm, although this loses much of the actual text. The version in PFAS 22F has a two more stanzas.

To sing the full text, use the TiS song as a response chorus while a cantor or small group sings the verses to a selected tone. A favoured option here is to use the same chord sequence, supporting a tone tune that is similar to but simpler than the refrain or chorus. Loosely fit the words according to the translation version to the descending dorian mode (ignore note values):

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