Psalm 100, 26 Nov ’17

No speed limits mentioned

Psalm 100 immediately conjures up the name ‘Old Hundredth’, All people that on earth do dwell, to a stately old tune drawn from the Genevan Psalter. Words and music are both from the 16th century and without refrain, so while it may be an old favourite for some, not a first choice.

Further comment on the Old Hundredth can be read in the 26 November 2014 post on Psalm 100 for that occasion. Read also notes on a fine four-part setting by Josquin des Prez that we sang three years ago.

And while dipping into that 16th century era of Josquin, other settings rather more in the Genevan style of the Old Hundredth may be found by John Dowland, W Parsons in Day’s Musical Psalter of 1563, and this one from the 1551 Ainsworth Psalter:

The Old Hundredth appears in our ‘Red book’ TiS at 59.

A more modern setting on the next page, TiS 60, would be a fine choice if a cantor is available to interpret the verses, only in the music edition. Other options were listed in the relevant Crystal Ball entry.

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