The Last Post


An anniversary

As all Australasian readers will know, it’s the centenary of ANZAC Day on 25 April 2015. The Last Post will be played at ceremonies around the world from Tasmania to Turkey.

David will lead the Sunday service on the next day, referring to the events of a century ago and the role of faith and chaplains. The music will include the set Psalm 23 (see previous post).

The Blog

It’s also both an anniversary and a last post for some time on this blog.

  • No speed limits mentionedPsalmsinthesouth is enjoying a somewhat more cheerful centenary in having achieved 100 posts (this one is actually no. 106) since September 2013, more than one each week.
  • Psalms in song have also completed more than once around the three years of the lectionary. Despite an inevitably increasing number of revisits, there is much poetry and music in the psalmody untapped and we continue to seek new inspiration in both areas.
  • This last post is occasioned by your web-master and cantor being less available during the remainder of this year. Posts may still appear from time to time but will be more haphazard as opportunity and inspiration arises. Such posts will not be directed at SWUC arrangements unless contributed by leaders and singers.

Initiated as a focus and communication medium for South Woden members, notifying of plans, music and ideas for the coming Sundays, the site’s readership has now become much wider, averaging 300 visits per month of which only a quarter are in .au territory. This is nice, although the primary motivation remains the local rather than global audience.

The suspension of regular blog posts will not materially affect the collaborative planning process that has so effectively and fruitfully picked up and maintained the momentum of celebrations at South Woden during our interregnum without minister of the word.

Reaching up from a good base

We continue to reach for yet-undisclosed and imagined delights, especially with a musical dimension, for the longer term.

We know we have a good leg up in the musical ideas and experience brought by the many talented contributors over these last many years. Thank you all and blessings on your future endeavours.

[Bugle image: wiki commons]

One thought on “The Last Post

  1. Thanks Brendan.  Always enjoy your thoughtful and informative blogs.

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