Psalm 31, 29 March 2015

Palms at Percy IsTwo psalms are listed for Palm Sunday, for the liturgies of the palms and of the passion. In recent years we have sung both;  Psalm 118  on the way in and then Psalm 31 during the scripted service. This Sunday we confine our song to Psalm 31, with a response from Psalms for all seasons, no 31C.

But reading the text, you would almost think that this is another of those penitential psalms that have been mentioned recently.

There are many intertwined ideas in this psalm, and also in the nice refrain from PFAS. As mentioned in a previous post on Palm Sunday, the response is strong, picking up a rather mysterious but powerful promise in verse 15:

My times are in your hands.

That’s only one of four good snapshot statements of belief in this antiphon. The others:

You strengthen me in strife
My hope is in your Word
Your love preserves my life


Palms in the KimberleyThis nicely harmonised response follows an easy, descending path of similar phrases. Easily learned, nice to sing. Verses will be sung to a similar chord progression.

The main tune is quite a high setting but there is a second lower part acting as an echo voice which would be very warming. If you can help by meeting early to learn and sing this supporting tune, please join in.

Singers please come early Sunday to refresh on this nice little tune.


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