Crystal Ball, March – April 2015

Crystal ball, by J Waterhouse. Image Wikimedia commons
Crystal ball, by J Waterhouse. Image Wikimedia commons

No, I have not been flooded by your clamouring voices reminding me that the last prediction by the haruspex fails to extend its comforting knowledge of the musical delights we may anticipate after O frondens virga.

Clearly this means everyone is reading the psalm selection plan on Dropbox, or else lurking in the wings to accost me on Sunday to gain such essential intelligence. However, persistent and insensitive as I am, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Lent is already well under way. So Easter, that very significant point in the church calendar, is almost upon us. A fine sprinkling of psalms awaits, ranging from 4 to 133.

Psalm 1, Beatus vir, in the Bedford psalte MS 42131 British Library.
Psalm 1, Beatus vir, in the Bedford psalter c. 1420. Add MS 42131 British Library (click to enlarge)

Psalm 1 does not come up till May but it’s generally quite a favourite; so I take the liberty of sneaking in an illuminated manuscript to whet the appetite. I’m tempted to pop in a calendar page for April from one of these old books of hours but it would be pure indulgence; Luther therefore would not have approved.

Meanwhile, back to reality where this is the real snapshot until the end of April when, to your relief, your Hon. Webmaster flees the country:

  • 22 Mar, Psalm 51. A reprise of Miserere mei Domine à4 by Lassus; a quartet sings again.
  • 29 Mar, Psalm 31. Palms and a procession, PFAS 31C as sung last year – all voices
  • 5 Apr, Psalm 118 and a reprise of The building block – all voices.
  • 12 Apr, Psalm 133, female voices sing PFAS 133D, Miren qué buono. Fun!
  • 19 Apr, Psalm 4. Probably PFAS 4B, In the night I take my rest
  • 26 Apr, Psalm 23. Male voice group sings a nice and familiar Spanish version, El Senor es mi pastor, PFAS 23I

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