Psalm 23, 11 May 14

Still waters
Still waters

The ‘Shepherd Psalm‘ needs no introduction or commentary here, so none is offered.

If you have the vague feeling that you  have read that somewhere previously, it’s just the post for 30 March, unashamedly copied almost holus-bolus.


You may imagine this psalm to be irrevocably associated with Jessie Irving’s famous tune CRIMOND.

This week however, not the last Sunday of the month but delayed quinze jours due to school hols, we once more assemble a fine male voice quartet for a different tune.

Remaining respectful to the much-loved phrases of this psalm we repeat that beautiful Spanish language setting from Psalms for all seasons 23-I, written in 1975 by Ricardo Villarreal. The people’s refrain is as follows:

El Señor es mi pastor; nada me puede faltar / My shepherd is the Lord; nothing indeed shall I want.

This is sung in a minor key alternating with its dominant seventh. Listen, however, as the cantors then slip down a modal tone into a major key for the verses, before modulating back to that minor for the refrain. Neat and effective.  Quiet waters 2


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