Psalm 85, 10 Dec ’17

The first Australians have been conscious of and connected to the land in much stronger and deeper ways than more recent arrivals can comprehend. Their livelihood was far more intimately bound up with their natural environment. Features in their traditional territorial landscapes have longstanding narrative and spiritual importance. Somehow, this atmosphere permeates Psalm 85, declaring … Continue reading Psalm 85, 10 Dec ’17

Psalm 106

'Happy are those who act with justice, who do what is right.' (3) Psalm 106 drawing to a close the powerful Book IV of the Psalter is related to the previous song. The story of Exodus is again rehearsed at some length but with a stronger flavour of an awareness of human weakness. A warning … Continue reading Psalm 106

Psalm 2, 26 Feb17

Psalm 2 complements the first psalm as a joint introduction to the Psalter with the assurance that the divine Spirit, with inevitably associated moral and behavioural constructs inferred from the Torah, is supreme above temporal rulers of the world. While this theme has ancient roots in the stories of creation and the establishment of the tribes … Continue reading Psalm 2, 26 Feb17