Psalm 19

'The statutes of God are just and rejoice the heart' (6) Psalm 19 declares the glory of the divine as seen in the creation. It smoothly progresses to how this declares the presence and influence of the creator, specifically the theme of the similarly-numbered Psalm 119, the importance of divine guidance to humankind — the … Continue reading Psalm 19

Psalm 67, 1 May 2016

May Day has relatively recently become a day for the workers. Originally it just celebrated the coming of the northern hemisphere spring, bonfires at the end of April, singing and dancing. Such revelry is somewhat akin to what we have been hearing over several recent psalms -- relief from the winter of oppression and conflict, safety after threat, peace after conflict. Psalm … Continue reading Psalm 67, 1 May 2016

Psalms 89 or 23 … or maybe 139, 19Jul15

The Vanderbilt Divinity Library tells us: During the Season after Pentecost, the Revised Common Lectionary offers two sets of parallel readings: The first set of "semicontinuous" OT readings follows major stories/themes, beginning in Year A with Genesis and ending in Year C with the later prophets. "Complementary" OT readings follow the historical tradition of thematically pairing … Continue reading Psalms 89 or 23 … or maybe 139, 19Jul15