Psalm 27, 17 Mar ’19

This psalm offers encouragement in difficult times, weaving together two contrasting but commanding threads. First is the imagery of light, beauty and goodness. Calling to mind references to the ‘light of the world’ (John 8:12) and ‘light upon my path’ (Psalm 119:105), it is a theme found in many psalms. Many readers will be familiar with the opening verse: “God is my light and … Continue reading Psalm 27, 17 Mar ’19

Psalm 71, 3 Feb 19

The full psalm, of which we read but 6 verses at this time, touches many of the common ideas sprinkled throughout the psalter; the essential goodness and caring nature of the creator, the rock, the strong fortress; the psalmist seeking succour 'out of the depths' of harsh experience; assurance of a benign protection against inimical powers, … Continue reading Psalm 71, 3 Feb 19