Crystal Ball, Advent ’21 to Lent ’22

  • For Woden Valley: As we emerge from social restrictions, we resume gatherings for worship.
  • Psalm presentations resume therein. Small group rehearsals will not begin again until 2022 due to mask restrictions.

Year C of the Revised Common Lectionary begins

28 NovPs 25:1-10. And so again into Advent. Here’s the chosen refrain:

5 Dec and 12 Dec, no psalm

19 Dec, Psalm 80:1-7 (No psalm at WVUC) Psalms for All Seasons 80A or Together in Song 42 are good responsive settings. Here’s another suggestion for the refrain:

26 Dec, Ps 148. Psalms for All Seasons has a bunch of settings, of which 148H by George Thalben-Ball is attractive. We may revert to simplicity with ‘Rulers and peoples of the earth’.

Bells in the compound at Taizé

2 Jan 22, Psalm 147:12-20. ‘Jehovah with unmeasurable wisdom’, from The Emergent Psalter.

9 Jan, Ps 29. TiS 727, Dona nobis pacem is suggested, with verses sung to the tune of the Berthier refrain. PFAS and NCH also have suitable settings.

16 Jan, Psalm 36:5-10. Not great pickings here, but we might try this one:

23 Jan, Ps 19. ‘Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to you O God.’ We usually sing Bob Marley’s reggae version.

Orthodox icon mosaic

30 Jan, Psalm 71:1-6. Short and sweet. An Orthodox settings in close harmony for male voices.

6 Feb, Ps 138. Isaac Everett’s refrain, ‘They shall sing of the ways of the Lord’, provides a starting point, to which we add variations for sung verses.

13 Feb, Ps. 1. Last year a Gregorian chant, in which the congregation takes the part of the second choir for the second phrase, proved successful even in home isolation.

Psalm tone 2 used for Psalm 1. The congregation picks up the chant at the vertical bar line.
Blues singer Robert Johnson

20 Feb, Psalm 37:1-11, 39-40 After ten years of leading psalm singing and thrice around the Lectionary, would I not have a folder of this one? No. Not a thing in my files, which says something about my administrative skills. Psalms for All Seasons offers a nice Taizé refrain, Wait for the Lord. Verses sung to a tone provided or moulded to the Taizé tune.

27 Feb, Ps 99. This is an important declaration of the fundamental importance of equity and justice. We sing a local invention ‘O mighty God, lover of justice, yes it was you who created equity.’ (verse 4)

6 Mar Lent begins. Psalm 91:1-2, 9-16 As Lent begins, perhaps a blues? Great for a quartet.

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