Psalm 50, 11 Aug 19

Our singers are sometimes confused by my odd short-hand musical notations and cues in cantor's sheets abbreviated to one page for convenience. Psalm 50 in a 9th C. script from France. British Library MS 9046, f24v Imagine coping with this 9th-century manuscript, in Tironian with Latin introductions (illustrated). The British Library viewer notes explain that … Continue reading Psalm 50, 11 Aug 19

Psalms 104, 133 and Orthodoxy, 7 July 19

The astute reader will discern the absence of the Lectionary reading, Psalm 30. Our leader on Sunday brings to us insights into the joys -- and difficulties -- of interfaith dialogue, the twists and turns of unity in diversity. So, somewhat driven by opportunism (the leader's recent experiences) but anticipating a retrospective blessing of circumstantial … Continue reading Psalms 104, 133 and Orthodoxy, 7 July 19