Psalm 62, 24 Jan 21

‘I wait in silence.’ (1, 5)

The repetition of this phrase within this song underlines the importance of switching off and reflecting in seeking patience, answers and encouragement. Remember Psalm 13 and other psalms asking ‘How long?’ Then this opening message of the first two verses, repeated in verses 5 to 6, continues: “For you alone are my rock, my salvation, my stronghold.”

David goes on to declare that we have a firm foundation and refuge in God. In verse 10, he takes a heavy swipe at the pursuit of status, wealth and power.

Psalm 62 in the Wode Psalter 1564-1625

More on Psalm 62 and the Wode Partbook>


Psalm 62 in TiS No. 33 includes verses that coincide with the lectionary reading. Further, they are inclusive. Composers have taken various approaches to that opening verse, interpreting the way of accession as resting, being still or silent, waiting or walking. The response in TiS 33 says: “Rest in God alone my soul.” Simple and gracious, while the first line of the verses says:

Yet be still my soul, and wait for God.

Incipit to Ps. 62:8,9 for six voices by Orlado de Lasso, 1573

At South Woden, Sunday 24 marks the closure of the congregation in a merger with St James to form a new Woden Valley Uniting Church.

Ten years ago we established the regular practice of singing, rather than reading, the set psalm each week. How good it would be to gather all Singers in the South, many of whom have faithfully contributed to the psalm singing over these many years. However, given current C19 limits on singers, a male voice quartet will be honoured to represent you. It will be a retrospective service so we will present a couple of short favourites instead of the tempting arrangement of Psalm 62 and TiS 33 mentioned above:

  • Psalm 23I in PFAS: El Señor es mi pastor
  • Psalm 15C refrain only, again in PFAS: I’m gonna live so God can use me.

A thousand thanks to all our singers!

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