Happy new year 2021

Wishing all readers and psalm singers a very happy 2021, full of hope, joy and music of the psalms, if not the spheres.

A special thanks to our local Singers in the South who have over many years gathered faithfully to encounter your leader’s flights of fancy; new musical styles, settings to challenge heart and mind, to say nothing of vocal expertise for the small group choir.

We shall sing again — someday, somewhere, soon.

The days around New Year are full of chat about living with the virus, arrival of the vaccine, lack of midnight parties, watching fireworks from home, the unreachable family members in another state or country, and of course, the economy.

Amongst all this we seldom think of, let alone sing, the Lectionary psalm of the day — but there is one and it’s Psalm 8. This wonderful poem has important things to say about the universe, the environment and humanity. Read about it on the main page for Psalm 8>

Reflect, sing. You my remember the nice song by the prolific singer-songwriter and pianist Linnea Good, ‘The height of heaven’. Richard Smallwood has a good modern gospel treatmentt>> There are several good early compositions on the web. Here is one by Lassus:

3 thoughts on “Happy new year 2021

  1. Dear Brendan
    Thanks you so much for all the work you have done compiling this wonderful resource on the Psalms. It is really good. Also for the major contribution you and Helen have made to singing the Psalms during Covid..
    Happy New Year!

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