Crystal ball, Sep-Oct 20

As social distancing continues, music selections remain focussed on easy and inspiring listening at home. The original advisory task of this blog — informing our merry band of Singers in the South Woden Uniting Church of the choice for the next happy, sometimes ragged but enjoyable sing together — is still out of reach.

Patience, friends. Keep in touch and call with suggestions or comments, or just to chat.

Note: The first reading listed is that which accompanies the semi-continuous OT readings. The alternative in brackets goes with the alternative thematically linked OT readings. The choice is up to the leader but the blog follows the first listed.)

6 Sep, Ps. 149 (or 119). Turn to Together in Song 95 for an easy and meaningful song arranged by Christopher Willcock, ‘Sing a new song’.

Cantate Domino, from Psalm 149 in an 8th century Psalter. British Library MS Vespasian A1

13 Sep, Ps. 114 (or 103). As the psalm is rejoicing at the story of the flight from Egypt in Exodus, PFAS suggests ‘Freedom is coming’.

20 Sep, Ps. 105:1-6, 37-45 (or 145). The fourth and final appearance of this psalm in Year A. Refer to the most recent post.

Psalm 105 refrain written and recorded for the Covid online services at SWUC. Each of the four different selections over the last two months concludes with verse 45b: Hallelujah!

27 Sep, Ps. 78:1-4, 12-16 (or 25). Together in Song 41, ‘We shall listen’, is responsorial with a refrain and verses to a tone. An alternative hymn is TiS 636, ‘God has spoken’. If a new refrain is desired:

4 Oct. Ps. 19 (or 80). Together in Song 7, ‘The sky tells the glory of God’, or an SWUC paraphrase sung to ‘By the rivers of Babylon’. More>

11 Oct, Psalm 106:1-6, 19-23 (or 23). Nothing in TiS for this one. We have previously enjoyed Psalms for All Season 106A, O give thanks to the Lord.

  • Those with a good memory might recall good friend Kate singing this nice John Bell song for us six years (and two sons) ago. Your Webmaster/Cantor is ever thankful for all those who have brought lovely voices to the psalm corner each Sunday.

18 Oct, Ps. 99 (or 96). This psalm is prominent in stating the importance of justice and equity in the creation plan. (v.4; see more in the page on Ps 99.) TiS 58 is perhaps the easiest to hand. However, a preferred home-grown tune has been available for some years:

25 Oct, Psalm 90:1-6, 13-17 (or Psalm 1). This is the only psalm by Moses. See more commentary here>. A short selection of music:

  • A good John Bell song can be found in Psalms for All Seasons 90D, ‘Wildflowers bloom and fade‘. The next song 90E is also a sweet tune; try that if you have the music.
  • TiS 47 ‘Our God, our help in ages past’, is available if you are feeling sedate.
  • Regrettably we will not be able to reassemble our male voice chorus for our nice Slavonian Orthodox style setting of this psalm. Here’s something similar:

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