Crystal Ball, Advent year C

Crystal ball, by J Waterhouse. Image Wikimedia commons
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Year C begins and Advent is adventing already!

If you can take the lead for one week, sing verses or just turn up, please respond here.

2 Dec, Ps.25:1-10. ‘To you I lift my soul’ ; several good options. TiS 14 by Willcock would go well; an experienced cantor is needed for the verses. Otherwise TEP has a nice refrain; we have set the verses to a simplified tone to match (word-sheet on file). There’s another in PFAS25A with verses to a tone.

9 Dec, Luke 1:68 Benedictus. This canticle is also called the Song of Zechariah; three nice settings maybe found in PFAS from page 1012 on. Suggest the men sing In the tender compassion on page 1014. 

16 Dec, Song of Isaiah. The refrain by John Bell Hallelujah forevermore sets a mood appropriate for this joyful song; we sing the verses antiphonally to the same tune.

The annunciation in woodcut. Musée des Augustins, Toulouse

23 Dec, the Magnificat or Ps. 80 are scheduled, but here it’s usually carols and readings.

30 Dec, Ps. 148. TiS 94, as with all John Bell’s music, is pleasant and easily sung.

25 Dec, Ps. 96 if a psalm is sung. PFAS96C with a cantor. TiS 54 to 57 also cover the ‘Christmas Psalms’.

6 Jan 2019, Ps. 72:1-7, 10-14. Several good options, of which we find two refrains with verses in our Dropbox. Here is one:

13 Jan, Ps. 29. Either refrain in PFAS29D, or TiS 17.

20 Jan, Ps.36:5-10. NCH has a good setting, while we also have a paraphrased version to fit a simple home-grown tune which is maybe a little brighter. We have sung both recently.

27 Jan, Ps.19. A hymn style song in TiS 8 is preceded by the better-known The sky tells the glory of God in TiS7. There are several reserve options in PFAS but I have to tell you, I’d be quite happy to revert to our setting By the rivers of Babylon, (Bob Marley’s reggae version) with a few enthusiastic voices; verse 14 is the refrain.

3 Feb, Ps. 71:1-6. TiS 40 with double tone is the first option. If possible, however, we shall convene the men’s voices group to sing our Orthodox setting in rich harmony.

10 Feb, Ps. 138They shall sing of the ways of the Lord, adapted and expanded from The Emergent Psalter. Webmaster will present this song; those keen to sing please be in touch.

Psalm 1, Beatus vir, in the Bedford psalter MS 42131 British Library.

17 Feb, Ps.1.  ‘Happy are they who delight in the ways of God’. A classic psalm. Several good options in PFAS or dust of TiS 1, a traditional Thai tune. [Webmaster away this week and next, so a volunteer leader is required.]

24 Feb, Psalm 37:1-11, 39-40.

  • PFAS 37B offers the peaceful sound of a Taizé chant, Wait for the Lord. It will be enhanced by a cappella voices in harmony. Verses may be chanted to a tone of choice, or spoken.
  • PFAS 37A is a known tune for a congregational hymn, so you could use this with the words in the order of service.

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