Crystal Ball Sep-Nov 2018

Crystal ball, by J Waterhouse. Image Wikimedia commons

Here are some ideas for leaders and musicians during the webmaster’s absence mid-September to November 2018.


    • This ‘sticky’ post is intended for South Woden readers
    • If an elaborating post for the coming Sunday does not appear below, go to the Index pages in the menu for previous commentary
    • Music availability leads us towards settings in Together in Song, or Psalms for All Seasons of which we have spare copies in the SWUC Library
    • More ideas in the Singing from the Lectionary blog
    • Just for the record, advise webmaster what you decided to sing.

2 Sep, Ps.45:1,2,6-9. Slim pickings; nothing in TiS, but here is a simple refrain (SWCC) picking up the equity theme in verse 6; choose your own tone for the verses:
9 Sep, Ps.125. Again, nothing in TiS and the refrain in NCH, “Do good, O God, to those who are good” ill suits South Woden’s theology. However, those in TEP and PFAS 125B — shalom, peace, justice — would fill the bill.
16 Sep, Ps.19. TiS 7 and 8 together cover the verses: 7 the earlier verses starting “The sky tells the glory of God” in a responsorial , and 8 the later ones. A good alternative is ‘By the rivers of Babylon’ with guitar (guess who?): PDF word-sheet here> Ps19 Babylon

Historiated initial ‘B’ with David wrestling a lion, at the beginning of Psalms, in the Moutier-Grandval Bible, British Library Add MS 10546, f. 234r

23 Sep, Ps.1. Last time this came up, we tried out the unfamiliar pentatonic tones of the Thai melody in TiS 1. If that struck the right chord, then repeat.  PFAS 1E Feliz la gente offers a great translation and a new tune with compelling Spanish music.
30 Sep, Ps.124. “Guide my feet while I walk this path” will cook along happily. Word-sheet here>Ps124 Guide my feet, or a simpler version in New Century 497. (HS has a copy of NCH.)
7 Oct, Ps.26. (Nothing in TiS.) Both New Century and PFAS refrains suitably quote verse 3: “Your love is before my eyes”. Sing the verses to a simple tone.
14 Oct, Ps.22:1-15. Easiest option is Tis 9. However, since this is often associated with Good Friday 😢 the much lighter Tis 727 🙂 might be preferred. It does not cover the full lectionary text, of course. So you might enjoy working up the second alternative chant in PFAS 22D. . (Verse tone in this mp3 follows refrain with no pause.) Song-sheet here: PFAS22D
21 Oct, Ps.104:1-9, 24, 35c. TiS 65, but to be correct the verses should be replaced by the lectionary verses, sung to the double tone provided. An alternative is here: Ps104a cantor.
28 Oct, Ps.34:1-8. TiS 22
4 Nov, Ps.146. TiS 90, or this simple refrain we have used several times, together with a tone:
11 Nov, Ps.127. PFAS 127A is an old hymn tune (St.ANNE). 127B is much more modern and swings, but needs rehearsal.
18 Nov, I Sam.2:1-10.(Alt. Ps.16.) Hannah’s song as a reading or sung to a tone of your choice from TiS, PFAS or NCH. Add a simple refrain as the people respond with the SWUC ‘Communion Chant’ shown above for Psalm 146, but with this text:

Sing, sing Hannah’s song: ‘My heart rejoices in God’

25 Nov, Ps.132:1-12. PFAS choices are suitable. For Psalm 93 as the alternative reading, choose TiS 51.

[End of year B. Year C Advent starts next Sunday 2 Dec.]

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