Crystal Ball Jul-Aug 2018

Crystal ball, by J Waterhouse. Image Wikimedia commons

This ‘sticky’ post is intended for South Woden readers. Scroll down for weekly blog posts.
Subject to the readings chosen by worship leaders, here are ideas for the months of July and August 2018.

[For sight-readers: Saturday 30 June 14 to 17:00: choral workshop led by Dan Walker at University House, ANU.]

1 July, Ps. 130 (or 30). The phrase “Out of the depths” seems to capture the limelight in this penitential psalm. Sinead’s version, with retrofitted psalm text,  is now fairly well known and enjoyed.

8 July, Ps.48 (or  123). Everett’s refrain in TEP serves the theme of teaching the next generation; NCH has a nice refrain “We ponder your steadfast love O God”. For a good simple refrain and tone, choose PFAS 48B. (For Ps. 123, PFAS 123A is suggested.)

15 July, Ps. 24 (or 85) Just to remind you, that’s “Lift up your heads, O ye Gates” (TiS 12). And the next song TiS 13 is an innovative setting worth a look, though it really needs sight readers. An Anglican psalm setting is at hand for keen SATBs. The recommended option is something responsorial like TEP’s “Who shall ascend the holy hill?” There’s a word-sheet on our Dropbox library with the verses paraphrased to fit the refrain tune.

22 July, Ps. 89:20-37 (or 23). Willcock’s refrain in TiS 46 is attractive. The verses require a sight-reader for full effect. You could also replace the verses with the RCL reading spoken or set to a tone. An easier option is to choose PFAS 89A “I will sing of the mercies of the Lord”. This is, to coin a phrase, a good sing. [Psalm leader away this week]

29 July, Ps. 14 (or 145). Few great songs fall into our laps this week (and I regret I am probably away again so here is an opportunity for your inventiveness):

  • Nothing in TiS
  • New Century has a nice simple refrain to go with a tone of your selection.
  • Probably the easiest and most tuneful is PFAS 14B, “Prone to wander”. An unadventurous but solid tone is provided.
  • The Emergent Psalter offers “Fools say in their heart” which has the advantage of two parts. It requires a little rehearsal and the addition of a tone for verses.

5 August, Ps. 51:1-12 (or 78). In contrast to the situation for Ps. 14 above, there are hundreds of settings of this central (Number 4 of 7) Penitential. Anyone for Lassus (à4 or 5) or Victoria (nice duet, trio and SATB on file)? The easiest option this week, with your Webmaster otherwise occupied, is to sing TiS31, or even 32 if a sight-reader is available. Both are nice chants. For the responsorial, a local version is available but cantors are required:

12 Aug, Ps. 130 again (or 34). It is probably too soon for Sinead’s “Out of the depths” again (see 1 July above). PFAS 130B and TiS 81 are both good alternatives but require a cantor familiar with music notation.

19 Aug, Ps. 111 (or 34). The Marty Haugen refrain in New Century has gone well in previous years. Worth a revisit, again replacing “The fear of God” with “To honour God” if there are no objections.

26 Aug, Ps. 84 (or 34). TiS 44 or a setting on Dropbox.


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