Psalm 98; a new song

The previous post on Psalm 98 this week reflected how often the psalms invite us to sing a new song. Accordingly, old words in new skins are always fresh and welcome.

As a short addendum, here for the record is a new paraphrase of this text to fit the verses of Together in Song 166. As usual, the antiphon is sung first and in response to each verse.

Sing a new song, sing a new song, and wait upon the promise of the Lord.

A new song sing for all God’s wondrous works
Whose hand and holy arm gain victory.
revealing love and faithfulness to all
Ends of the earth see glory of God.

Make joyful sounds to God, O all the earth
break forth in joyous sound and sing with praise.
Sing praises with the lyre and melody
Trumpets and horn sing praises to God.

Let sea resound and all the creatures there
Let floods clap hands, let hills sing joyfully
God comes to judge the earth with righteousness,
bringing the people true equity.

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