Psalm 22, 25 Feb ’18

This psalm appears on Good Friday due to verse 1, which Jesus quoted on the cross, and subsequent predictions:

My God, why have you forsaken me?

However this reading on Sunday 25 (Lent 2) starts much later in the poem in verse 23. A different kettle of fish altogether, as the psalmist sings a hymn of praise to a powerful and just God who, ultimately, rules over the nations despite the  evidence of chaos all around. This is a divine kingdom of love in which “the poor shall eat and be satisfied”, and future generations will “proclaim God’s deliverance to a people yet unborn.”

Several previous post have canvassed ideas arising in this song: see Mar’15Oct’15 and Mar’16. This year at SWUC we return to In the presence of your people, a Hebrew song in TiS 727 that fits the theme but actually draws on verses throughout the psalm.

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