Psalm 148, NYE ’17

The poetry and music of the psalms are great catalysts to imaginative interpretations, lateral thinking, flights of fancy, aspirations and yes, hopes for the coming year —  maybe even a New Year’s resolution or two.

You would have to admit that a psalm that can invoke comments about Tchaikovsky, Yoda, John Bell, whales and James Taylor supports the view that, for the year ahead, ‘Anything goes’ as the Cole Porter song would have it. Well, read all about it in the post on Psalm 148 at the very beginning of this year, 01/01/17.

This song of praise is a suitable way to wrap up the year and, accompanied by angels, sun moon and stars, monsters, fire and hail, young men and maidens — you name it — we rejoice in the creation and a creator who established an intended system of love and justice which “shall not pass away”.(6)

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