Crystal Ball, June-July 2016

Crystal ball, by J Waterhouse. Image Wikimedia commons
Crystal ball, by J Waterhouse. Image Wikimedia 

Best laid plans, bare of commentary on musical options and based on the leader choosing the first reading listed in the lectionary, are as follows:

5 June: PFAS 146B, with Taizé refrain and first tone.

12 June: PFAS 5B (or 5C if the right singers are available)

19 June: Psalms 42-43, use song-sheet on Dropbox library to either the NCH refrain (if you have that book) or any other simple tune. PFAS has several suitable tunes, such as 43C.

26 June: I have not had a chance to adapt the Winter Solstice (southern hemisphere) refrain we used last year to this year’s Psalm 77. Perhaps The Emergent Psalter‘s ‘I call to mind your deeds’ would suffice. PFAS 77C looks fun for a winter’s day.

The inattentive visitor looking up at the vaulted cathedral of Siena might step on this simple but beautiful marble unawares. A wondering Mary?

3 July: Psalm 30, You turned my lament into dancing on Dropbox. A ladies’ group sang this in fine form not long ago so why not reconvene and reprise?

10 July: PFAS 82B, social justice to the fore

17 July: PFAS 52B — I am like a green olive tree (v.8)

24 July: The Betty Pulkingham tune at Together in Song 45; or PFAS 85B, another Taizé refrain (Dona nobis pacem, not the one in our book TiS which could also be used) and nice song (best for a sight-reader). See earlier post on Psalm 85 for the SW home-grown song.

There are alternatives of course, a few hymns but very few responsorial songs in Together in Song for set psalms over this period save the one mentioned. The Emergent Psalter always offers a thoughtful and singable tune, but you need to make up your own tune or tone for the verses.

South Woden singers 

Candleholder from Abbé Fontenay
Keep the candle burning

During June and July during the absence of your Cantor/Webmaster who is away  with family, psalm singers are kindly asked to arrange for the singing of the psalm each Sunday. Why wait for someone else to organise you? Suggestions:

  • Look at the ‘Crystal Ball’ suggestions in this ‘sticky’ post.
  • Choose your week to organise the song for the day
  • Consult with the leader and worship coordinator for the week
  • Check SWUC web notices and calendar 
  • The list above largely uses Psalms for All Seasons for convenience — draw a copy from Libby.
  • Check Singing from the Lectionary for other ideas. 
  • Add a comment to this post on what you did. It helps us keep a record of songs we have sung and, of course, will keep us connected.
  • If you wish to post an entry to the blog, contact me as usual and I shall facilitate.
  • If you need access to the Dropbox Library resources for song sheets we have used in the past, again contact me and I shall share. (The cupboard is bare on several of the songs listed, sorry.)
  • Enjoy your singing — for our community and for yourself.

Quartet returns with lamps

The only quartet in sight for us for a while; keep in touch!

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