Psalm 107, 2 Nov 14

On the last occasion that we sang Psalm 107 (August 2013) we introduced an enjoyable and interesting response in three parts from The emergent psalter. I can still hear those three parts weaving in and out.

This year, the congruence of several random influences on the busy worship plan for the next few weeks (this week a baptism and All Saints Day, then communion, readings from Thessalonians, a children’s service coming up …) encourages us to use a simple reading and response; not too many moving parts.

Marty Haugen‘s composition in The New Century Hymnal will do nicely. Referring to verses 1 and 7 of the psalm, he reminds us to:

Consider the steadfast love of God.In the air

The air

Picking up a couple more of those influences listed above, we borrow from Paul Kelly, a popular Australian singer-songwriter, to sing a short version of Meet me in the middle of the air.

This song includes references to Thessalonians and Psalm 23, not 107, but it is both suitable in this context and enjoyable.


Thanks to Brian and The Gospel Folk for their music last Sunday.

Thanks also to our male voice group for a stirring rendition of Psalm 90 in an Eastern Orthodox sound. Our next appearance will be on 23 November with a seldom-heard setting of a familiar psalm, No 100. We really should do that Old Hundredth sometime I guess, but not this time.


5 thoughts on “Psalm 107, 2 Nov 14

  1. Re Notes: yes, we did do that Old Hundredth on 23 November, together with des Prez and Tallis. Dipping back into the riches of the past!

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