Psalm 99, 19 October

Image: Wikimedia commons
Image: Wikimedia commons

The heading here might be ‘Praise to a holy God’.

To me, however, the key words in this psalm are  justice and equity which were, it seems from a close reading of this psalm, a fundamental element of the creation.

This powerful message is well worth repeating as a response to the verses of the psalm extolling God’s greatness. It’s the chosen refrain in The emergent psalter in which Isaac Everett neatly paraphrases this idea:

O mighty God, lover of justice; it was you who created equity. (Ps. 99:4)

Rulers of the worldUnlike rulers of earthly nations, who not infrequently display nepotism, favouritism, vengeance or just plain inconsistency in dealing justice or favours, there is an underlying set of standards for human equality for rich and poor, for high-born and low, for female and male. Implicit in the creation of the universe and humankind was an intention for equity … ‘created =’

Inequities and iniquities come from human weakness and selfishness, not from any flaws in the divine goodness that is somewhere within us all.


The male voice group sings an Eastern Orthodox chant adaptation of Psalm 90 on the fourth Sunday. Rich!

On 2 November we look forward to a baptism, All Saints day and communion. Some special music in store.

And going

Music makers in South Woden gather this Sunday after church to thank RevR who leaves us for her next appointment at the end of this year. You are warmly encouraged to bring a musical offering.

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