Where’s that text?

Bible in Worms, Germany; printed Augsburg 1477, hand illumination

A housekeeping post.

The psalm text

You will have your own way of dipping into the Bible: was it somewhere in the bookshelf? That well-thumbed black one by the bed? Or even an automatic feed to your smart-phone calendar from the Vanderbilt lectionary web-site?

You should also find the readings on the South Woden web-site when activated.

For convenience, I am now including a link to the text of the subject of each post, since I frequently refer to the verses or ideas therein. The psalm may be read by clicking a link somewhere in the first paragraph.

We usually start from the NRSV but may paraphrase or amend the text and metre for inclusivity or for musicality in singing the verses.

Links to music or words files on Dropbox may be deactivated after the relevant Sunday; ask me if you want copies. And by the way you can usually click on any image to enlarge it.