Psalm 119, 3 Nov 13

Soaring male voice harmonyOur male voice group returns to lead us as we revisit that longest psalm, 119

– on this occasion from verse 137 to 144.

Ps 119

Annotated text for singers may be found here > (Link will expire soon after 3 Nov.)

We follow the familiar model of a cantor singing the first line or phrase, with all voices responding to sing the second half in harmony – rich, full, delightful, and inspiring of course. Well, that’s our take from the inside looking out.

Carving at St Peter's, Zürich
Weave a pleasant pattern

All are welcome to join us to help us weave a pleasing pattern of words and music:  arrive in fine voice at 9:15 for a short rehearsal.

Coming up

A canticle to a John Bell tune, with the children, on 17 Nov. People with children or helping with them on Sundays, please join in. Already posted on Dropbox.


I must say how much I enjoyed Everett’s antiphon for Psalm 65; it seemed to swing naturally to the guitar’s gentle beat. Unplanned, we sang it twice each time as it seemed to need that additional space to feel the meaning fully and enjoy the easy groove.

3 thoughts on “Psalm 119, 3 Nov 13

  1. Thanks, have printed off the music to practise for the congregational responses.. Then we’ll be away for 2 weeks. Hope a few step up to help the children..

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