Psalm 101

King David shown here with his harp, assuming he was in fact the poet and songster of this psalm, determines to 'sing of loyalty and of justice'. (v.1) He adds a powerful proviso. Recognising that he himself is not there yet, he intends to 'study the way that is blameless', (v.2) seeking that vague but enticing … Continue reading Psalm 101

Psalm 41

The gospels differ slightly in how they report the Beatitudes. Luke says: "Blessed are the poor", while in Matthew we read: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matt.5:3) Whatever Jesus actually said, it's quite possible he was quoting this last song in Book 1 of the Psalter: Blessed are … Continue reading Psalm 41

Psalm 26

We find early in this song an echo of Psalm 1. The writer, thought to be David, declares his innocence and refuses to 'sit with the wicked' (v. 5). He offers a prayer for justice and confirmation of sticking to the 'right way' -- that powerful word 'integrity' occurs at beginning and end in some translations.  Psalm 1 … Continue reading Psalm 26