Psalm 61

Divine standards of perfect love and peace seem far off and unattainable in a world full of strife, refugees, war and deceit: As high as heaven is above the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways (Is. 55:9) The good news in the psalms, here and in other songs like 31, is that … Continue reading Psalm 61

Psalm 60

It was the washbasin that put me onto it. I realised of course that there is quite a lot of repetition in the psalms - asking God to defend, save and vanquish evil, 'for human help is worthless' as in this song (Ps 60:11). But you immediately know you've been there before when you read … Continue reading Psalm 60

Psalm 51; a tale

The recent recurrence on 2 August of Psalm 51, of which much has been written in this blog, reminds us of another popular story. In Latin, the psalm begins 'Miserere' meaning 'Have mercy' (for more, see for example the post for 15 March 2015>). A quite stunning and famous setting by Gregorio Allegri was written for two choirs in about … Continue reading Psalm 51; a tale

The Theodore Psalter – Medieval manuscripts blog

From time to time -- perhaps too often for everyone's tastes -- these pages feature old manuscripts. These documents are tucked away in libraries and monasteries around the world; previously mentioned examples range from the National Library of Australia to St Gallen in Switzerland and the Humanist Library in Selestat; there are many more. Words, … Continue reading The Theodore Psalter – Medieval manuscripts blog

Psalm 118, Easter Sunday 5 Apr 15

Visitors to ancient cities like York enjoy discovering quaint and remote features: the Shambles; archaeological remains of successive eras under the cathedral; hidden misericordiae within, saints and gargoyles without. The Shambles area provides just a hint of the chaotic life in early times; narrow alleys, stalls, clamour, smells and all sorts of behaviour, seen and unseen. Fairness … Continue reading Psalm 118, Easter Sunday 5 Apr 15