Psalm 29, 10 Jan 16

What you see is what you get in this simple song of praise and awe. The poem is all about divine creativity, influence and majesty, poetically characterised as the voice of God. The voice That high-octane voice is declared to be in thunder, in the breaking down of cedars and shaking of lands; we hear of fire, flood and … Continue reading Psalm 29, 10 Jan 16

Psalm 29, 11 Jan 2015

Voices are distinctive. When you hear a familiar voice from someone out of sight, you automatically recognise and identify. You don't need to analyse the pattern of frequencies, the combination of harmonics, or the different degrees of resonance. The subconscious sifts. The psalms, poetic and mystical though they may be, are full of voices. The … Continue reading Psalm 29, 11 Jan 2015