Psalm 28: The strong shepherd

‘Shepherd and carry your people’ (9)

Like Psalm 25 and others, Psalm 28 falls into two sections. First, David calls for help and prays to be heard; verse 6 declares joyfully that God has heard, blessed be God.

The song therefore encourages trust and thanks for help. The rather tough call for ‘just deserts’ (4) is softened by a prayer that those who seek divine ways will find a good shepherd. (9)

Attractive settings are sparse in our books and online. The Emergent Psalter can be relied upon to produce something interesting. In this case, the antiphon consists of two sequential refrains, one for each of the sections of the psalm mentioned above. A simple tune runs over a repeating chord sequence of Db Ebm Gb Fm.

For easy listening:

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