Orthodox style

An antiphon

A setting, shortened and simplified for ease of learning, drawn loosely from a Slavonian Orthodox tune as sung by the monks of Chevetogne in Belgium.

OrthodoxStyleA single cantor may sing the verses fitted to tune 1 while a small group, often men in this tradition, will quietly sing ‘ah’ to the ATB or TTB parts.

The congregation joins in the Antiphon.

In a long psalm, depending on the flow and meaning of the verses or sections of the psalm, dramatic effect can be gained by switching for a few verses to Tune 2 with its new harmonic structure. In this case, the cantor part is not written out – he or she may improvise against the chords  shown. An example, Psalm 71 set to this chant, may be heard here >

Psalm 90

This setting has been arranged for the male voices of The Psalms South Singers. It is adapted from a Slavonian Orthodox chant of the Beatitudes as sung by the monks of Chevetogne, Belgium, whose mission is to seek closer understanding between the Eastern (Russian, Greek, Slavic) Orthodox churches and the Roman Catholic.Ps90 Orthodox

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