Archive of posts by psalm number

For a full master summary on each psalm, not specific to the date, see the individual pages linked to the numerical Index page 

Lists dates of blog posts from 2013 to 2020. Not being further updated.  For index by date, see right-hand sidebar archive. As above, see also master Index page of commentary and music review.

Psalm numbers in bold type are those included in the Revised Common Lectionary. There will generally be but one post on those not included in the RCL.

Psalm Dates of post Psalm Dates of post
1 2015May’18, Sep’18, Feb’19, 21 May’16
2 Mar’14, Feb’17 22 Apr’14, Mar’15, Oct’15, Mar’16, Feb’18, Apr’18, Apr’20, Apr’20(2),
3 Apr’16 23 Mar’14, May’14, Aug’14, Apr’15, Apr’16, Mar’17, May’17, Apr’18, Mar’20, May’20,
4 2015, Apr’18 24 Jul’15, Jul’18,
5 Jun’16 25 Feb’15, Nov’15, Feb’18, Dec’18
6 Apr’16 26  Aug’16
7 Apr’16 27 Jan’14, Feb’16, Jan’17, 
8 Jun’14, May’16, Jun’17, Jun’20 28 May’16, 
9 Apr’16, Jun’18, 29 Jan’14, 2015, Jan’17, Jan’18, May’18
10 Apr’16 30 Apr’16
11 Apr’16 31 Apr’14, May’14, Mar’15, Mar’16, Apr’17,  May’17, Mar’20, May’20,
12 Apr’16 32 Mar’14, Mar’16, Feb’17
13 Jun’14, May’16, Jul’17, Jun’20, 33  Aug’16
14 2015, Jul’18, 34 2015, Oct’18
15 Feb’14, 2015, Jan’17 35  Aug’16
16 Apr’14, Nov’15, Mar’16, Apr’17, Apr’20 36  17Jan16
17 Aug’14, Aug’20 37  Feb’16
18 May’16 38  Aug’16
19 Oct’14, Jan’16, Oct’17, Mar’18, Sep’18, Jan’19 39 Aug’16
20 Aug’16, Jun’18, 40  Aug’16, Jan’17
    41  Sep’16
PsalmDates of postPsalmDates of post
42 Jun’1658Nov’16
43 Jun’16, Dec’1659Nov’16
45Sep’16, Jul’17, Sep’18, Jul2061Oct’16
46Sep’1662Jan’15, Jan’15(2), Jan’18
47 Sep’1663Feb’16
48 Oct’16, Jul’1864Mar’16
49 Jul’1665Oct’13, Jul’17
50Feb’15, Feb’1866Oct’13, May’14, May’17, May’20
51Mar’15, Aug’15, Aug’15 tale, Oct’16, Mar’18, Aug’1867May’16
52Jul’1668Jun’14, May’17, May’20, May’20(2)
53May’1669 Sep’16
55May’1671Jan’16, Dec’16, Feb’19, Aug’19
56 Sep’1672Dec’13, Jan’15
57 Sep’16  

Book 3: 73-89

76Jun’1684Aug’15, Aug’18
77Jun’1685Dec’14, Dec’17
78Sep’14, Nov’14, Oct’1786Jun’14, Jun’17, Jun20
80Dec’13, Nov’14, Dec’15, Aug’16Dec’16, Dec’1788May’16
  89Jul’15, Dec’17, Jul’18

Book 4: 90-106

PsalmDates of postPsalmDates of post
90Oct’14, Oct’17, Nov’18100Nov’14, Nov’17Mar’18
91Sep’13, Feb’16, Mar’19101 Oct’16,
92Feb’16102 Oct’16
93Nov’15103 Aug’16
94Sep’16104Sep’13Oct’15May’16, Jun’17, Sep’17, May’18, Oct’18, May’20,
95Mar’14, Dec’16, Mar’17,105Jul’14, Aug’14, Sep’14, Jul’17, Jul20
96Dec’13, Dec’14, Dec’15, Dec’16106Oct’14, Oct’17
97Dec’15, May’16, Mar’17  
98Nov’13, Dec’15, May’18  
99Oct’14, Feb’16, Oct’17  
PsalmDates of postPsalmDates of post
107Nov’14, Mar’15, Jul’16, Nov’17, Mar’18126Dec’14, Mar’16
108May’16127 Oct’16
109 May’16128 Nov’16
110 May’16129Sep’16
111Feb’15, Aug’15, Jan’18, Aug’18,130Apr’14, Jun’15, Aug’15, Apr’17, Jul’18, Aug’18, Mar’20,
112Feb’14, Feb’17131 Nov’16
114Sep’14, Apr’18, Apr’20,133Aug’14, Apr’15, Aug’17, Apr’18, Aug20
115 Sep’16134Apr’16
116May’14, Apr’17Jun’17, Apr’20, Jun’20,135 Nov’16
117Aug’16, May’20136 Nov’16
118Apr’14 Palm, Apr’14(2), Apr’15, Mar’16, Mar’16(2), Apr’17, Mar’18, Mar’20,137Oct’16
119Oct’13, Nov’13, Feb’14, Feb’14, Jul’14, Feb’17, Feb’17(2), Jul’17, Jul20,138Feb’16, Jun’18, Feb’19
120Aug’16139Jul’14, Jan’15, Jul’17, Jan’18, Jun’18, Jul20
121Mar’14, Mar’17140Apr’16,
123Nov’14, Jul’15, Nov’17142Apr’16
124Aug’14, Sep’18, Aug20,143 Oct’16
125Sep’15, Sep’18,144 Apr’16
  145Jul’15, Jul’17, Jul’18,
  146 Jun’16
  147Feb’15, Jan’16, Feb’18
  148Dec’14, Dec’15Apr’16, Jan’17, Jan’18
  149Sep’14, Sep’17